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We know getting into an accident can be a very stressful time. At Madison Auto Body we do everything in our power to help reduce your stress and make your repair a painless process. We work with almost all major insurance carriers.  Our staff will walk you through setting up your claim and we will negotiate with your insurance company from start to finish.


We are a full service auto body shop. We are I-Car Certified and provide customers with a written warranty for the life of the car.

Some of the other services we offer:

-Free estimates

-Courtesy transportation within local area

-Rental car coordination at preferred rates

-Drop Box available for off business hours drop off

-Paintless dent Repair (PDR)

-Frame Repair

-Computerized Paint Matching 

-Suspension repair

-Window replacement

-Headlight restoration



We also know how confusing some of the terminolgy can be that you see on our estimates and on the insurance companys reports. Here is a list of common terms you might see, with their definition.


-3 Stage- When refinishing most cars, you have a 2 stage paint system, base coat then clear coat. Some refinishes have a 3 stage system, which consist of base coat, pearl coat and then clear coat.


-Aftermarket Parts- This refers to parts that are not made by the original manufacturer.


-Blend- Blending is a refinishing term which means the painter has to blend another panel on your car that is not damaged, in able to get a good match in color. For example, if you damage your front door, we would have to blend into your front fender and your rear door to make sure that the paint has a good match.



-Deductible- This is an insurance term which tells the customer what they are financially responsible for in their auto loss. For example, if your total job comes out to $2000 and you have a $500 deductible, your insurance will pay $1500 and you will be responsible for $500.


-Detail For Delivery- This means after your car is fixed we clean your car for delivery.



-Flex Additive-This term is used on your estimate when we have to paint your bumper cover. Because most bumper covers are plastic and flexible we have to add an extra chemical to the paint.



-Frame Rack Set Up and Pull- You will see this on your estimate when we have to put your car on our frame rack. We then measure the specs on it, to determine if your frame has moved due to the accident. If it has moved, we then pull the frame back to specs. 


-OEM- This refers to parts that are made by your original manufacturer.



-R&I- You will see this on your estimate when we have to take something off to complete the repair and then put it back on after. For example when painting a door we have to R&I your door handle, belt molding and mirror so that we can paint the door.



-Remove/Replace- This means that we are taking your damaged part off your car and replacing it with a brand new one. For example, if your fender is damage we will take your fender off and put a new fender in its place.



-Remove/Install- See R&I



-Refinish- This is a term you will see on almost all estimate. It simply means that we have to paint the panel we are either fixing or replacing.


-Tint- You will usually see tint on your estimate when we are not blending and have to spray out color before we paint to make sure we have a good match.




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